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Solutions: DynamicMaps INSPIRE Module

DM_Inspire_Text_125pxHDynamicMaps INSPIRE module is a web application that enables you to easily create and publish metadata for your geospatial datasets in a format that is ready for integration into the European Spatial data infrastructure.



The DynamicMaps INSPIRE portal allows you to automate the process of creating metadata for your GIS datasets and can publish this directly to This means that your GIS experts can be freed from the shackles of metadata creation and allowed to undertake the complex geospatial analysis which they were trained to do.


Features and Benefits


  • Accessible via any web browser
  • Mapping interface to geospatially locate disparate datasets
  • Conforms to all UK specific metadata standards
  • Publishes data directly to the portal

Why DynamicMaps?


  • Ease of Use – intuitive user interface
  • Cloud Access – flexible deployment with secure access and privacy controls
  • Affordable – flexible licensing options
  • Support – direct access to experts providing consultancy and support services
  • Compatible – mobile, tablet and cross platform capability


Support and Services


Cadline offer a range of supportconsultancy, development and training services to help you with your journey to Open Source and WebGIS implementation.


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