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Solutions: GeoServer

GeoServer_125pxHGeoServer is an Open Source server for sharing geospatial data from a variety of sources and is the preferred Web Mapping Service utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite.

GeoServer2   GeoServer is free software, and therefore allows you to concentrate your investment on developing the core functionality of your GIS products and not on any restrictive maintenance costs. GeoServer is also Open Source software and benefits from regular feature improvements when compared to traditional software. In addition to helping you configure GeoServer to display your GIS datasets, you will benefit from Cadline’s extensive suite of Open Source training and support services in order to fully support your implementation.

DynamicMaps Open Source GIS Webinar

In this recorded webinar we demonstrate Open Source GIS solutions (QGIS, GeoServer and PostGIS) and our support and training services for these products. Watch the webinar to find out how we can help you can reduce your annual maintenance costs on GIS software, while still maintain your current level of usability and functionality.
 Exploring Open Source GIS Webinar – 23rd March 2017


Features and Benefits

  • Open Source and freely available
  • Certified OGC Compliant for – WMS, WFS and WCS – serving data to any compliant client application e.g. ArcGIS, MapInfo Pro, QGIS
  • Supports multiple GIS data sources, including native GIS files and spatial databases

Why Open Source GIS?


  • Ease of Use – intuitive user interface
  • Affordable – no annual maintenance costs
  • Support – direct access to experts providing Open Source GIS consultancy and support services


Support and Services


Cadline offer a range of supportconsultancy, development and training services to help you with your journey to Open Source and WebGIS implementation.


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