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Training: Introduction to GeoServer

GeoServer_125pxHCourse Duration: 2 days


Download Course Agenda PDF: Training Outlines – GeoServer


Course Overview:

This two-day intensive course introduces you to the core functionality of GeoServer, taking you through all the tools you will need to load, publish and share geospatial data. GeoServer is an Open Source software server designed for interoperability; publishing data from any major spatial data source using open standards, allowing users to share and edit geospatial data.

The course is delivered using instructor-led real world examples where you learn by ‘doing’.

The course covers topics including, installation and configuration, familiarisation of the GeoServer user interface, publishing raster and vector data, map styling with SLD, applying attribute and spatial filters, connecting to WMS, WFS services and tile caching with GeoWebCache.


Experience using GIS software and knowledge of GIS concepts is preferential.

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