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 Industries: Land & Property

DynamicMaps is a suite of geospatial tools that provide tailored solutions enabling you to manage your land and property assets and gazetteers. These tools range from a WebGIS to centrally display and manage your disparate datasets, to a series of Open Source GIS solutions to reduce your dependency on expensive desktop GIS. Maintaining an accurate geographic record of your land and property records enables you to more effectively manage your portfolio, by intelligently planning your maintenance and update projects, while also providing you access to environmental datasets that identify restrictions in your area. By centrally managing your portfolio, DynamicMaps not only ensures greater access to your datasets but data duplication is reduced and data accuracy is increased.

Solutions to the Land & Property Industry

DynamicMaps Web GIS


Enables you to provide mapping and spatial analysis capabilities to all staff within your organisation without the cost of maintaining expensive desktop GIS licences. Its interoperability means it can easily link to all your back office systems, including CRMs, asset registers and land and property portfolios, as one central point of access for all staff in your organisation. Instead of relying on your GIS/CAD team to provide your surveyors the information they need, DynamicMaps WebGIS enables your staff to access mapping information, undertake analysis of affected land parcels for proposed projects and generate notifications to properties affected by works. In addition DynamicMaps can be configured as an external WebGIS providing a mapping interface so that the public can also view your assets location and status. Find out more

DynamicMaps ReportIt


Provides a map control which can be embedded into your current systems allowing users to report issues affecting your land and property assets; including maintenance requests and issues regarding access to land. By utilising a web enabled map you can increase accuracy of reporting, while reducing time and costs associated with current labour intensive reporting processes. Find out more

DynamicMaps Address & Street Manager


Provides a web enabled solution to manage both your Land and Property Gazetteer and Street Gazetteer. An address record is the single most important and widely used piece of data and the quality and availability of that data is integral to the services that you provide. Find out more

DynamicMaps GML Translator


Compliments your WebGIS by providing a utility to translate and style Ordnance Survey MasterMap datasets without the requirement for labour intensive processes. Your staff can now spend more time undertaking spatial analysis to help streamline your services, while we do the hard work for you. Find out more. 

QGIS Desktop GIS


Provides a full range of GIS functionality which can compete with any commercially available GIS program. By utilising our training and support services you can reduce your dependency on costly desktop GIS software, while ensuring peace of mind that our experts will support your more flexible GIS solution. Find out more.



Is an Open Source Map Server for sharing geospatial data from a variety of sources and is the preferred Web Mapping Service utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite. Using GeoServer, staff in each of your departments can quickly access many freely available external datasets, such as data from the Environment Agency, which allow you to better understand the issues that may affect your land and property assets. Find out more.



Is an Open Source web mapping application for loading, displaying and rendering geospatial data, providing web enabled GIS capabilities. OpenLayers, is designed for interoperability, allowing you to design and implement feature rich WebGIS applications accessing all your disparate land and property data sources, presenting powerful web applications allowing multi user access to your current land and property projects. Find out more.



Is an Open Source spatial database extension to PostgreSQL object-relational database. Its compatibility with DynamicMaps WebGIS, GeoServer, QGIS and proprietary GIS applications such as AutoCAD Map 3D make it the preferred spatial database utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite. PostGIS is a free spatial database that allows you to concentrate your investment on developing the core functionality of your GIS products and not on any restrictive database costs. Find out more.

AutoCAD Map 3D


Is a model-based planning and management application, providing users access to CAD and GIS datasets from a number of data sources. With advanced spatial analytical capabilities its purpose is to allow you to make more-informed planning and land management decisions for your projects.  Find out more.

Autodesk Infraworks 360


Combines breakthrough 3D modelling and visualization technology and cloud capabilities to go beyond traditional computer-aided design (CAD) and GIS platforms. Infraworks 360, connects to all your environmental and planning datasets, allowing you to accurately model 3D environments. In addition to real-world model creation, Infraworks allows you to undertake spatial analysis, including; terrain analysis, line of sight, environmental impact assessments and what if scenarios in order to more accurately plan and deliver your land and property management projects.  Find out more.

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