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Services: Consultancy

Extending our geospatial expertise to enhance your business environment. Cadline has over 20 years of consultancy experience, delivering enhanced solutions to our clients, creating better, more efficient working environments.


Implementing geospatial systems and transforming complex disparate datasets requires specialist knowledge. Cadline’s consultancy services allow you to get on with your day job and leave the configuration of your geospatial applications and datasets to us. Whether you want assistance in streamlining your current geospatial processes, or require data to be transformed and loaded into a spatial database, Cadline can provide a range of consultancy services that suit your requirements and let us take responsibility for implementing your preferred geospatial solution.


Geospatial Data Services


Our GIS data consultants can help you;

  •  Translate OS datasets (OSMM and OS VML), using our own GML Translator to create vector and raster tiled  datasets
  •  Create one ‘source of truth’ by implementing a spatial database to store your disparate datasets
  •  Add value to your datasets by migrating and merging data from disparate sources
  •  Source new datasets that will add real value to your current business processes


Geospatial Consultancy Services


Our GIS consultants can help you;

  •  Configure your chosen WebGIS
  •  Make the move from proprietary to Open Source GIS implementation
  •  Streamline your current geospatial processes and join up disparate departments


We aim to remove manual tasks from your daily work, make legacy systems redundant and ensure maximum integrity of your most valued asset – business data.

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