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About Us : DynamicMaps

About DynamicMaps

Cadline is the industry expert in Geospatial Solutions and has over 20 years’ experience in developing and supporting web mapping and GIS applications. Our proprietary software, DynamicMaps, offers a suite of GIS solutions that include: WebGIS, Report It, GML Translator, BS7666 compliant LLPG & LSG Management and INSPIRE Management software. We are also experts in Open Source GIS solutions (QGIS, GeoServer, PostGIS and OpenLayers) and provide support, consultancy and training services to help you with your journey to Open Source GIS implementation.

In support of our DynamicMaps Solutions we offer a range of consultancy, development, support and training services:

Consultancy Services our geospatial consultants provide software configuration/optimisation, onsite installation, data analysis, data management and expert geospatial software integration advice.

Development Services our DynamicMaps Solutions have a strong development background and a clear roadmap for future development.  We also develop bespoke solutions meeting the ever changing requirements of customers from all industries. In support of our development we also provide implementation, deployment, content creation, process review, project management, bespoke application development and systems integration.

Support Services our team provide both onsite and remote support services with a dedicated UK helpdesk. We are experts in both our own DynamicMaps Solutions and Open Source GIS applications, so you can feel confident that our solutions will work for you.

Training Services Cadline is the largest Autodesk Authorised Training Centre in the UK training over 3500 delegates per year across 8 locations (Staines (HQ), Ashford, Birmingham, Bristol, Gatwick, Leeds, Cambridge and Manchester) and offers training from basic to advanced level in all Autodesk software as well as a series of Open Source GIS training courses.

Cadline Limited is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard across all its offices.


Cadline Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Registration Number: 2486719. VAT Number: 530 2330 05.

Registered Office: Northumberland House, Drake Avenue, Staines, Middlesex TW18 2AP.




Download PDF Brochure:  DynamicMaps Solutions – Overview




MapThat is a web based mapping solution that allows organisations to run live queries on its business intelligence data in order to make more informed commercial decisions. Find out more.

DynamicMaps Web GIS

DynamicMaps WebGIS is an easy to use web interface that allows organisations to run live queries from multiple databases and represent the results via a customised website that delivers visual data in the real world. Find out more.

DynamicMaps ReportIt

ReportIt is a DynamicMaps WebGIS module to capture information and report incidents on a map. Find out more.

DynamicMaps INSPIRE Module

DynamicMaps INSPIRE module is a web application that enables you to easily create and publish metadata for your geospatial datasets in a format that is ready for integration into the European Spatial data infrastructure. Find out more.

DynamicMaps Address & Street Manager

Address and Street Manager is a web-based solution integrated into the DynamicMaps Suite designed to manage your LLPG and LSG. Find out more.

DynamicMaps GML Translator

GML Translator is a software solution integrated into the DynamicMaps Suite designed to translate Ordnance Survey MasterMap (OSMM) and OS VectorMap Local into geospatial layers in your spatial database. Find out more.

QGIS Desktop GIS

QGIS is an Open Source desktop GIS providing a full range of GIS functionality and spatial analysis tools, and is the preferred GIS utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite.  Find out more.


GeoServer is an Open Source server for sharing geospatial data from a variety of sources and is the preferred Web Mapping Service utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite. Find out more.



OpenLayers is an Open Source web mapping application for loading, displaying and rendering geospatial data, providing web enabled GIS capabilities. It is the preferred platform for creating web mapping tools utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite. Find out more.



PostGIS is an Open Source spatial database extension to PostgreSQL object-relational database. Its compatibility with DynamicMaps WebGIS, GeoServer, QGIS and proprietary GIS applications such as AutoCAD Map 3D make it the preferred spatial database utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite. Find out more.


AutoCAD Map 3D

Autodesk® AutoCAD® Map 3D, model-based infrastructure planning and management software, provides broad access to CAD and GIS data, helping users to make more-informed planning, design and management decisions. Find out more.


AutoCAD Infraworks 360

Autodesk® InfraWorks 360™ combines breakthrough 3D modeling and visualization technology and cloud capabilities to go beyond traditional computer-aided design (CAD) and GIS platforms. Find out more.

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