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New Street Naming & Numbering Solution

Our new solution helps local authorities with an improved more efficient SNN process, whilst generating income for the council.


Join us on 5th September at 11.00AM to learn more about the new solution.

To register for the webinar please click on the link below:-

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Summary of Features

  • Allow Applicants to complete SNN Applications via an online web form, including options for uploading supporting documentation
  • Manage and automate all Correspondence with Applicants and other Parties, including the Fire and Postal Services, reducing time spent manually responding to emails
  • Provide a more comprehensive service to Applicants by automatically informing them of the progress with their Applications
  • Provide an online payment service
  • Link validated Applications directly to the LLPG and LSG
  • Undertake Management reporting to identify seasonal patterns in applications and monitor SLA’s
  • Reduce costly manual processes and re-work

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